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Why Micro-Lending?

Around the world many creative, intelligent people are mired in poverty because they lack access to capital. Micro-lending can make the difference between economic entrapment and the realization of their dreams.
Hope 4 Africa believes micro-lending can be a powerful force in changing the world for the better and
loving as Christ loved means caring for physical and spiritual needs of others.

Hope 4 Africa ministers to people in rural villages in Burkina Faso, West Africa. Hope 4 Africa's loan programs offer a sustainable alternative to the short-term forms of charity which have often left a wake of disempowerment in developing countries. Microfinance demands ownership and active participation from the beneficiaries of the loans. Microloan recipients can take pride in knowing their hard work has made a difference between poverty and provision.


The microfinance industry places great emphasis on sustainability for the borrowers and the institutions.
Hope 4 Africa has a hope for each borrower where their business growth is self-sufficient in providing for their families. Because the funds received from Hope 4 Africa are not gifts or grants but rather loans, borrowers must repay them. As with a traditional bank loan, the borrower pays interest on the loan. This repayment enables Hope 4 Africa to reach additional borrowers with the same funds.

In just eighteen months, Hope 4 Africa has issued over 700 loans to women who live in rural villages outside the capital city of Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso.





Breaking the word "microfinance" apart gives the first clues to its meaning. "Micro" refers to a small sum of capital that help men and women around the world begin their ascent out of poverty. Microfinance institutions are, in effect, banks; but, instead of targeting the wealthy or the middle class, they target the poor -- those whom the financial sector has typically shunned. While a traditional bank makes loans ranging from thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars, a microfinance institution loan typically ranges from $50 - $500. Currently Hope 4 Africa gives loans in amounts of $20 - $100.

Credit is a fundamental facet of life. It has so permeated our society that a bad credit score can hinder a job search and a good one can open the door to great financial opportunities. Much of what most individuals have accomplished (i.e.: buying a car, going to college, or starting a business) could not have been realized without the help of a loan. Credit in the developed world is often cheap and easy to access; but, in the developing world it can be unavailable, prohibitively costly, or even dangerous when loan sharks become involved.

Microfinance affirms the dignity of the individuals by acknowledging that their poverty is not due to intrinsic
lack but rather a lack of opportunity.

Microfinance attempts to sustainably break the cycle of poverty for a family by putting their gifts and talents to work by starting or expanding their own business, generally through the provision of a loan.

Most of the borrowers live on less than $2.00 per day and this must support their family. The loans are used mainly for agricultural use and the borrowers do a lot of buying and selling in the local markets. Some of the things that the loans are used for include: millet, onions, fabric, Shea nuts (as pictured above), cabbage, and many other local vegetables and fruit.