Want to give a little HOPE  this Christmas?

Hope 4 Africa is spreading the love this Christmas!
We are looking to bless impoverished families in Burkina Faso with a gift!

This Christmas season why not bless the poor in Jesus' name?
Hope 4 Africa is providing an opportunity to bless a current borrower and meet a very tangible need. Each gift this Christmas will provide for the needs of individuals and potentially provide a source of income for someone who live son less than $2 a day.

What an amazing gift that demonstrates Christ's deep love for them!

With the gifts of carts, bicycles, lambs, goats, sacks of rice, and pairs of chickens you will be providing protein and vital nutrition -- including clean water, milk, eggs, meat, and more --
for years to come! Place your mouse over the images below to read details of the amazing gifts!



Add to your cart the gift you want to give then after you click "Add to Cart" you will have the opportunity to change the quantity of each item in your shopping cart and to continue shopping before making the payment.


Gifts to Impoverished Families in Burkina Faso
Thank you for giving HOPE this Christmas!

Your partnership with Hope 4 Africa will make it possible
     to share the love and grace of Jesus this Christmas season!


* All donations are made to Hope 4 Africa and will be administered by Hope 4 Africa in-country workers.

All contributions are tax-deductible.